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Editing and Consultation Services


per hour


We are committed to ensuring that current students have access to high quality, affordable writing consulting and editing services.

Most colleges and universities provide writing center and ESL services; however, many students working on long documents (like dissertations) or in need of ongoing editing support find that their campus writing center is unable to meet their needs.  Off-campus, professional editing services can cost $60 per hour or more. These rates frequently place supplemental editing and writing services outside the budget of many students. 

Our hourly rates include a range of services such as editing, proofreading, and consulting.  Fast turn arounds are possible, depending on availability.


We also work with scholarly, technical, business, and professional clients on documents and specific projects.


Our professional writing clients hire us for hourly or contract work on projects such as journal articles, book chapters, policy and procedural manuals, engineering reports, and technical specification editing.


Our hourly rates include a range of services such as editing, proofreading, and consulting. We use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or GoogleHangouts (your choice) to discuss your document with you in real time. If you live in the Twin Cities, we can also meet in person to discuss your document. Locations along the Green Line are included in our hourly rate.

We work around your schedule and have day, evening, and weekend availability.

Editing and Consultation Services


per hour


Project Management and Writing Services


Starting at


Hire us to manage a writing-based project from start to finish. We have experience gathering data, presenting reports, writing grants, and analyzing information. Most of our clients hire us to complete a specific project, sometimes for months at a time.


We are a great fit for small organizations that are in transition and need to meet writing and report deadlines. We have experience in organizational leadership and understand that change is a part of growth. Negotiated contract rates are also available.


Coaching, Presentations,

and Retreats


Starting at


Hire us to present a workshop on writing and the writing process or to facilitate a writing retreat. Perhaps you would like to hire us as writing tutors for students in your class, or invite us to your next book group to facilitate conversation. We are experienced educators and public speakers.


We have availability for in-person or on-line (webinar) presentations, and will tailor our content to meet the needs of your group. 


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